June 2012 Meeting

The Texas Fence Association weekend in Arlington, Texas started off strong with an in-person tour through the Texas Rangers Stadium in the early afternoon on June 15th. TFA members learned about many great aspects about the organization and its’ stadium, especially its’ renewing use of water that is drained below, filtered and injected into the ponds outside of the stadium – being green.

Once everyone settled into the Hilton we set off to the stadium to watch a great game…Texas Rangers vs Houston Astros. Nothing like all-you-can-eat food and drinks! Though, the atmosphere was hot it was still good to sit back, relax and talk to other TFA members. As a welcome the Texas Ranger Stadium displayed the “Texas Fence Association” on their screen and once we noticed it there were hollers and woo-hoos of excitement.

The early morning on June 16th made way for the TFA board meeting. Everyone were still trying to be alert from the baseball game the day before, but all were geared for the TFA agenda. David Culbreth, Jr., the Texas Fence Association President, convened the meeting. Throughout the meeting many directors voiced their opinions and voted on various issues. There were no tense moments, but many praises, especially when the idea about providing a fence to a wildlife refuge as well as other ideas for community involvement – a key aspect as a TFA member. Once the meeting was adjourned, attendees of the American Fence Association testing began reviewing for their upcoming AFA exam.

The all-members meeting and lunch began at 11 AM in Capitol Three at the Hilton. Fine dining was on the menu…salads, sirloin steaks and cream cheese slices of cake. Billie Ball, a tour guide at the Texas Rangers Stadium was the keynote speaker. Her enthusiasm for her job was very inspiring. From a spider bite to losing her foot to becoming a tour guide at the Texas Rangers Stadium to many other great opportunities, Billie gave the TFA members a wonderful speech with room for questions about the organization, stadium, Nolan Ryan and players. It was a memorable TFA event.

After the lunch had finished, many attendees of the American Fence Association test were ready to take their exams for nearly the next 4 hours. During that time other TFA members enjoyed their stay in Arlington from Six Flags to Justin Boots in Justin, Texas to the Fort Worth Stockyards to just about everything Dallas/Ft Worth has to offer.

The Texas Fence Association and its’ members make it a great opportunity for anyone in the Texas Fence Industry to network, learn and just have some great family-fun. It is a priceless commodity!

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